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My sensor runs Linux!

This is the source repository for a simple system monitor program,

which runs on Linux.

Supported sensors

  • Bosch SensorTec BME280 digital temperature/humidity/pressure sensor
  • AMS(Sciosense) CCS811 eTVOC sensor
  • MH-Z19 series NDIR eCO2 sensor
  • TDK InvenSense 6-Axis gyro/accelerometer
  • General GPIO based water detector sensors

Other supported devices

  • 2.0" IPS TFT LCD(320px * 240px), driver IC: ST7789VW
  • General GPIO based buttons
  • Genetal GPIO based LEDs

Drivers implemented

  • GPIO driver
  • SPI device driver
  • Config K-V driver

Third party libraries used

  • LittleVGL
  • mosquitto
  • libgpiod
  • libconfig
  • libpthread
  • libiio

How to compile

  • Native:
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j${nproc}
  • Cross:
mkdir build && cd build
make -j${nproc}