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Antonio Borneo 94e7535be8 .gitmodules: switch away from
11 months ago
Antonio Borneo 861e75f54e jimtcl: switch to github
2 years ago
Christopher Head 7d6156fae8 Switch to HTTPS for submodules
3 years ago
Spencer Oliver 24b88c9e0c libjaylink: use http mirror for submodule
7 years ago
Marc Schink 442f1540d5 Improve J-Link driver and introduce libjaylink.
7 years ago
Edgar Grimberg 6ebac1b829 gitmodules: use http protocol for git2cl module
12 years ago
Øyvind Harboe d8464623bd jimtcl: 0.63 release
12 years ago
Zachary T Welch eb9790dc91 Add git2cl from as a submodule in tools/git2cl.
13 years ago