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This file includes highlights of the changes made in the
OpenOCD 0.5.0 source archive release. See the repository
history for details about what changed, including bugfixes
and other issues not mentioned here.
JTAG Layer:
New driver for "Bus Pirate"
Rename various commands so they're not JTAG-specific
There are migration procedures for most of these, but you should
convert your scripts to the new names, since those procedures
will not be around forever.
jtag jinterface ... is now adapter_name
jtag_khz ... is now adapter_khz
jtag_nsrst_delay ... is now adapter_nsrst_delay
jtag_nsrst_assert_width ... is now adapter_nsrst_assert_width
Support Voipac VPACLink JTAG Adapter.
Boundary Scan:
Transport framework core ... supporting future work for SWD, SPI, and other
non-JTAG ways to debug targets or program flash.
Target Layer:
- basic semihosting support for ARMv7M.
- renamed "armv7m" command prefix as "arm"
- "ejtag_srst" variant removed. The same functionality is
obtained by using "reset_config none".
- added PIC32MX software reset support, this means srst is not
required to be connected anymore.
- preliminary AVR32 AP7000 support.
Flash Layer:
New "stellaris recover" command, implements the procedure
to recover locked devices (restoring non-volatile
state to the factory defaults, including erasing
the flash and its protection bits, and possibly
re-enabling hardware debugging).
PIC32MX now uses algorithm for flash programming, this
has increased the performance by approx 96%.
New 'pic32mx unlock' cmd to remove readout protection.
New STM32 Value Line Support.
New 'virtual' flash driver, used to associate other addresses
with a flash bank. See pic32mx.cfg for usage.
New iMX27 NAND flash controller driver.
Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
Support IAR LPC1768 kickstart board (by Olimex)
Support Voipac PXA270/PXA270M module.
New $PARPORTADDR tcl variable used to change default
parallel port address used.
Remove lm3s811.cfg; use "stellaris.cfg" instead
Core Jim/TCL Scripting:
New "add_script_search_dir" command, behaviour is the same
as the "-s" cmd line option.
Build and Release:
For more details about what has changed since the last release,
see the git repository history. With gitweb, you can browse that
in various levels of detail.
For older NEWS, see the NEWS files associated with each release
(i.e. NEWS-<version>).
For more information about contributing test reports, bug fixes, or new
features and device support, please read the new Developer Manual (or
the BUGS and PATCHES.txt files in the source archive).